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Welcome to Sovereign Ammo

At Sovereign Ammo,  we’ve curated an unmatched ammunition lifestyle brand, delivering a premier experience coupled with top-quality products. Founded with a commitment to excellence, our brand stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, a dedication to customer service that is second to none, and an unwavering passion for our conservative values.


Our journey began amidst an unprecedented ammo shortage and a rising demand for self-protection. We saw a gap in the market that needed filling – a need for a brand that not only provides top-tier ammunition but also stands as a beacon of unwavering integrity, political involvement, and a fierce dedication to defending the constitutional rights of our customers.

Sovereign Ammo is proudly built on values, a mission, and an abiding love for America the Great. We believe that you should get to buy from companies who share your values, who are fighting for the same things you’re fighting for, and who will always offer you something you can depend on.


Our manufacturing is a point of pride. Our ammunition is meticulously crafted in our facilities here in the United States. Amedeo Primiterra, the driving force behind the intricacies of the Sovereign Ammo product line, is the expert craftsman behind the science of what makes our ammunition so desirable.

From testing pressure for accuracy to ensuring precision in the manufacturing process, our ammunition is a result of a highly detailed and intensely accurate science.

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Our Mission, Vision, and Promise

We provide top quality ammunition to the Good Guys.  Through our shared commitment to quality, the Second Amendment, and the sovereignty of this nation, we are uniting, inspiring, and empowering a community of sovereign Americans, so we are no longer divided in our fight to defend our Constitutional rights, starting with our team, our customers, and our partners. We promise to always prioritize our relationship with you, stand behind our product, be transparent, always do our best, and work hard to delight you at every turn.

Our Core Values Define Us

We stand on the pillars of integrity and impeccability.

Our commitment to surpassing industry standards with a level of pristine quality is unwavering. From the highest standards across our operations to delivering a VIP experience, we set ourselves apart.

Going beyond ammunition, we’re dedicated to forging a community where like-minded individuals discover warmth, belonging, and support. Everything we do is about people. The heart of Sovereign Ammo beats in the relationships we build – with our team, customers, and community.

Every interaction feels like a conversation with a lifelong friend, and our customers are cherished members of our extended family. We work hard to make sure everyone feels valued, supported, and integral to the vibrant community we’ve nurtured.

We Believe in Sovereignty

Our fundamental principles are embodied in our name. The word “sovereign” holds profound significance because:

We believe in the sovereign rights of each man, woman, and child bestowed upon us by our Creator.

Our Founding Fathers believed in these rights too, and enshrined them into the Declaration of Independence, saying: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

We believe in the responsibility of sovereignty alongside freedom.

When people think of sovereignty as a concept, people can mistakenly conclude that it’s selfish freedom. No – quite far from the truth. When you are truly living in your sovereignty, you are responsible for yourself, your own wellbeing, the consequences of your actions, your impact on others, and your responsibility to others. You depend on you, and others depend on you. Sovereignty is 100% freedom and responsibility.

We believe in the sovereignty (independence) of this great nation.

If we don’t fight hard for the America we love and work to restore her to greater health, we are at risk of becoming a vulnerable nation we don’t recognize, open to attack from those who would do us harm.

We are fighting for the America we love by:

  • Putting ammo in the hands of the good guys (like you!) to keep our communities safe for everyone.
  • Creating jobs for fellow America-loving Patriots who share in our mission and values.
  • Building a quality product that people return to over and over so we can bring prices down globally for everyone.
  • Supporting organizations who fight hard for your and our rights.
Laura & Amedeo