CEO Featured in Documentary: Firearms & Freedoms

JP Sears, Tucker Max, ex-Navy Seal Jeff Gonzales, and Sovereign Ammo CEO Laura DiBenedetto have all come together with many other amazing guests in the Docu-Series “Firearms & Freedoms, Ammunition for Debate.”

Sharing critical and soon-to-be-censored insights that you need to know, you won’t want to miss this. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your 2nd amendment rights!

Click here to watch Firearms and Freedoms now and learn from the experts who know the truth about gun control and its impact on freedom.



Big Announcement!

Hello my dear friend,

I am really really excited to share a major announcement with you. If you missed the big announcement via email, head to the bottom of this page and sign up to be the FIRST to know next time!

Just this last week, after nine months of hard work to pivot our business strategy to one that would allow us to bring our products to market at a great volume, and at the best pricing than anything we’ve ever been able to do, we achieved our goal.

On Tuesday, Sovereign Ammo was fully funded by a group of incredible Patriotic investors!!! A special and heartfelt thank you to our new business partners who believed in us!  We’re hitting the ground running and we’re hard at work on big things!

Here’s FOUR THINGS you can expect in the next few months:

  1. ​​​​​​​We will be restocking 9 mm 124 grain FMJ ammo in our online shop within the next 30 days.  You’ll be able to buy ammo 500 rounds at a time, with each 500-round order coming with a free ammo can PLUS a free surprise from us.  Every order comes with a free ammo can, and there is no limit to how much you can purchase. You want 40,000 rounds?  No problem!(Would you like us to open up pre-orders? Reply in email and LMK!)
  2. ​​​​​​​We will be creating partnerships with nationally recognized names to bring Sovereign Ammo and YOU to the forefront in the national conversation.  We need create awareness around the mission of the company, which goes beyond ammo – it’s about FREEDOM and defending our constitutional rights which are under attack!  We’re not here to BS you and just sell stuff.  Nope – not good enough.  We’re here to make a positive difference in all things sovereignty.
  3. We will be launching new merch designs that reflect your values. If you have requests or something that you would really like to see, and would love to support Sovereign Ammo, please reply to this email, and tell me what you want!  For now, check out our favorite new shirt here:
  4. We will be launching a monthly subscription ammo box where you can get a box of pewpews AND goodies every month! We are working out details with partners to assemble what we hope will be a box that will get you excited and really stoked for opening your mail every month!

At the end of the day, Sovereign Ammo exists FOR YOU.  We are 100% dedicated to supplying America-loving Patriots with the best damn ammo out there, with a memorable experience you’ll look forward to every single time you need the pewpews, all while we fight hard for our constitutional freedoms!

I want to let you in on another little secret that’s been going on behind the scenes for me specifically. You most likely met me because of LinkedIn, and I think it’s a useful platform. But it does have its caveats. LinkedIn does not believe in free speech – specifically the speech around conservative subjects, news, and beliefs. I have been censored and silenced many times unfairly, and in late February, my account was permanently terminated. I had to hat-in-hand, ask for my account back and promise to behave. They said yes, but I was informed in no uncertain terms that one more infraction, and I’m gone for good.

That said, I had to make the painful choice to choose between engaging with you or speaking openly. I chose YOU, which renews my commitment to fight for your and my free speech. You’ve likely noticed that my content online doesn’t talk much about ammo lately. It’s on purpose, and really really pissing me off.

Am I taking it lying down?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I’m working with Florida government offices to pursue justice and new laws being enacted. I will not back down. This isn’t about my account on LinkedIn. This is about YOUR ability and MY ability and EVERYONE’S ability to speak freely on EVERY platform!  New legal precedent MUST be set that allows ALL people to speak freely.

I’ve mentioned it many times on many of my posts online, but if you have not followed us on TruthSocial, please sign up and do that now.

Here’s the link:

We appreciate you.

© Sovereign Ammo, Inc.

God is my Why

Let me tell you about my relationship with God.

It’s been a rough ride.

When I was little, I prayed every single night and day, “Dear God please heal my Daddy.” Dad struggled with arachnoiditis and incredible searing pain every moment of his life. It made him suffer unspeakably, and not that fun to be around.

And so I prayed. And prayed. And prayed more. I prayed all through my childhood and into my teens and twenties.

Daddy never got better. He just kept getting worse and worse. My faith in The Almighty had been rewarded with a “no.”

My young heart couldn’t take it. It broke my heart and made it hard.  Perhaps my fragile, young self couldn’t handle a world where God would appear to deny the prayers of a little girl selflessly praying for her Daddy to get better.

The older I got, the more it made me angry at God. I questioned, “how can people say God loves us?! He obviously isn’t listening.”

I rationalized, “God is cruel! He let my Dad suffer, and so many other dads, along with children who get cancer. “

And then I gave up. “God isn’t listening, so why bother. I’m done.”

Just like that.

I abandoned God for years. I lived a secular life… a selfish life… and a material life. I pursued material wealth, glitz, accolades, success, and validation from the outside. I found it all… but it never filled the massive hole that a life without God leaves.

I crashed when I retired from my first company, and found the right pieces of psychology to fix my head… and that’s when I wrote my book. (Get a signed copy!)

My book saved my head

But it was the pandemic and God’s way that saved my heart

When the stupid plandemic kicked off, I became afraid. Very afraid. Not of any germ, but of a different contagion: cruelty.

People became cruel and eager for segregation. People used the pandemic as an excuse to lean into their hatred and cruelty to others. People willingly hurt others in the name of “safety.”  I suffered for my choices, and if you’re reading this, you probably did too.

I was terrified.

My fear had once made me turn back to God, I admit it. But the fear of existential annihilation made me rethink everything.  Fear will do that.

I began to read The Bible, fearing the End of Days. I started going to Church.  I leaned in. I prayed multiple times a day.  I still do.

“God, I’m terrified. Please show me the way.”

“God, I’m losing everything I worked for. I can’t survive without you.”

“God, what do I do…?”

“God, I surrender to You.  I am Yours.  Please lead me.”

It was then that God answered me. And showed me that when I abandoned Him, He never abandoned me.  He showed me that He had always been answering my prayers, but in His way, not mine.

The Almighty knows best.  I do not.

When I asked for God to heal my Daddy, He had. My Dad was once unkind, a work-a-holic, and never around. God grounded my Dad and gave me a Dad who did his best and was PRESENT. My Dad showed me how to be strong, how to think for myself, and how to work with integrity and honor. God healed my Dad’s broken ways and forced him to be AROUND. His pain forced him to be kinder, softer, sweeter, emotionally-intelligent, creative, caring, and the man I admire more than anyone on this Earth.

God did heal my Daddy – but not in the ways I wanted – the ways I needed, and my father needed. 

This knowing was revealed in my heart when I prayed with a humble heart.  This knowing was revealed when my ego subsided and I surrendered to God’s will and divine plan.  This knowing was so clear, and so obvious when I finally got it that God is not some sort of Holy genie who grants wishes, but he is THE FATHER who is IN CHARGE, and I have no business touching the steering wheel, never mind trying to drive.  God is a loving father who wants to be trusted, loved in return, and allowed to love fully, completely, and in the ways He knows best.

The moment I let go… the moment I surrendered… was the moment *I* changed, and His plan for me was revealed (and is still being revealed!).

  • When I nearly lost everything because of the plandemic, it revealed my egocentric ways and my illusion that I could provide for myself. I cannot. God provides – I need to listen, receive guidance, do as He commands, and ask for His help to do good works.  I need to make all I do for LOVE, for GOD, and for SELFLESSNESS.  We are commanded to.
  • When I prayed for God to help me make a difference, He gave me the wisdom of my book, which I had foolishly attributed to my own skill. Nope. HE was showing me how to serve.  I published it, and it has served countless people.  I am not so talented that I could come up with that book without Him.  The second edition will be devoted to Him.
  • When I prayed again for God to help me make a difference, He helped me to see all the abundant wrong in the world, and the incredible HURT that so many millions of people were feeling – just as I was – and gave me the courage to use my voice to help them (and me in the process!).
  • When I prayed for God to help me lead a good life, He provided me with a husband who would die for me, people who believe in me, and the courage to lift me up on my darkest days.  He changed my husband’s heart and lifted his pain so he could lead as men should, and provide all that a husband should.  He changed my husband’s mind and gave him the courage to run a mission-driven company alongside me.

For all of this, I am so deeply proud of Sovereign Ammo. This company is my heart. Ammunition is a commodity – let’s not pretend otherwise. The difference anyone needs to focus on is WHY we do this.

  • Sovereign Ammo is a voice for the voiceless.
  • Sovereign Ammo is a voice for those who are afraid to act in alignment with their beliefs of God and what’s right, for fear of punishment.
  • Sovereign Ammo is a company with tools to help you protect and defend your family, as we protect and defend ours.
  • Sovereign Ammo is here to change things. Ammunition is simply *ONE* way we’re doing it.

God provides. This is His company, and we are His servants. Ammunition is only one way to protect yourself and your family, as God commands us to do. Nehemiah 4:14 says:

“When I saw their fear, I rose and spoke to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people: “Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives and your houses.””

For those who hate what we do, fine. You get to do that. Move along without hatred or judgment. You are loved regardless by me and by our Father.  If you can’t see how ammunition and the divine DUTY to protect your family is a commandment from God, I can’t fix that for you.  But you are in my heart and prayers.  As is this entire broken nation.

Protecting my family, and giving you the TOOLS and the VOICE to protect yours is my sacred duty, and my service to God.

The name “Sovereign” is about freedom – it’s about responsibility – it’s about spirituality – it’s about THE Sovereign.

God is my why.

A few PS notes:

  1. Yes, I still call my father Daddy.  I’m proud to be Daddy’s little girl.  If you’re a father and you’re reading this and you’re lucky enough to have your grown daughter still call you Daddy, it’s because she really really really loves you.
  2. I know this is much longer than I usually write, but I hope you found it interesting and valuable.  It was for me.  I was weeping through writing most of it, honestly.  The subject of God, and my earthly father are right inside my heart.
  3. Comments always welcome.  I’d love to hear about your relationship with God and how these little corners of my heart touched you.
  4. Please scroll to the very bottom of this page to sign up for emails from us.  We never spam anyone and we’ve got some HUGE announcements coming up so soon I can taste it!!!  YESSSSS this means restock!!!

Lessons in Starting an Ammo Company

Since I started this company with Amedeo, I’ve had so many valuable experiences that are leading us where we need to go.  They all came with lessons that are propelling us forward.

Some of these things felt like a golf shoe to the face and it knocked me fully on my ass. And others were a really lovely surprise, kind of like a hot coffee hand delivered to you when you haven’t even gotten out of bed. That good.

Allow me to give you a ticket to the rollercoaster that’s been the last 2 years.  Hop on.

The Golf Shoe Experiences

⛳ Getting our Federal Firearms License (FFL) was so much harder than it should have been. It’s $30 for f’s sake. But it came with a lot of prerequisites and a lot of money I had to spend BEFORE I could spend the $30. Waiting, spending, begging, mountains of paperwork, and more waiting. All in all? It took A FULL FREAKING YEAR and THOUSANDS of dollars to get that important little $30 piece of paper.

My Lesson:  Be patient, let it be what it is, keep your day job while you wait (I did).

⛳ Some people have NO patience for us being new to a REALLY hard business. They want what they want, when they want it. No compassion, no kindness, no manners. Gimme cheap bullets, gimme now, and go to hell while you’re at it. I’ve fielded many snide remarks like “are you even a manufacturer?” and continue to. Good times.

My Lesson: You can’t make everybody happy every day.  Sometimes it’s best not to try.  Other times, it’s best to be remarkably transparent.

⛳ We built a sales team to bring our products to market with local and national retailers, and could NOT close deals. Our team was striking out and disappointed in us (can’t blame them). Our pricing was too high, because we were buying in quantities that were too small to get the deals that are *100% necessary* to compete at all.

The kicker?  We could NOT get any access to pricing BEFORE we got our FFL from any OEM manufacturers for components.  They refused to talk to us.  We had to spend the thousands and the year FIRST.  Then try, without funding, and then fail.  We were locked out. We lost our sales team, and all of those opportunities.

We had to start over, adopt an entirely new target market (the end user, not a retailer), go after funding to buy components at scale, and create an entirely new business plan.

My Lesson:  Sometimes you do your best and it’s not going to be good enough.  You will have to pivot, pivot fast, and have zero ego about it.  

⛳ Fundraising is way harder than I thought.  The endless meetings, pivoting, presenting, and trying to squeeze myself into a space I don’t know much about is really hard.  YouTube University is a help, but oh… my… God.  It’s so much.  It’s also exhausting emotionally.  We’ve got a lot riding on this, and it’s very tempting to cave in and just give up half the company, but we aren’t.

My Lesson:  Get on YouTube and learn.  Ask questions.  Do due diligence.  Ask for help from anyone willing.  Have 10x more conversations than you think you need to.  Be patient.  Stay humble.  Stay firm.  Be a (polite) pain in the ass.

The Hot Coffee Experiences

☕ People want to help.  Like… genuinely, no-strings-attached, want to help.  Sure, there are those who sniff around to get paid (good for you, man – keep hustling!)… but people are so generous with their wisdom and really want to help us succeed.

I thought for sure I’d be treated to a whole lot of sexism and excluded (being one of the few women in the weapons space), but nope.  Instead, I’ve been treated with incredible respect, kindness, gentlemanly behavior, helpfulness, and overall caring.  It’s legit blown my mind and I am in awe of this community.

My Lesson:  Stay open-hearted and humble, admit what you don’t know, and people will extend a hand up.  

☕ People in the Second Amendment space are really down to earth, by and large.  Like…. genuinely salt-of-the-earth, good, kind, helpful, smart, loyal people.   *MY* people.  The very people I struggled to find for years. I’m blown away at the sincere, genuine friendships I’ve found since we got started, and the incredible warmth I’ve found in every corner.

Not only is there incredible support, but huge respect for our transparency and our journey.  The more we let people peek under the hood, the more they respond with kindness.  It blows me away.

My Lesson:  You’ll find your real friends when you least expect it.

☕ Pivoting doesn’t suck.  Sure, we lost the time and momentum we had when we were busy going in the wrong direction… but we learned a TON along the way about the industry, the people, the marketing, and we’re finding the right relationships to help us move forward.  None of that priceless education is going to waste.

Going after a consumer audience and doing direct to consumer opens up a WORLD of possibility and direct relationships with our customers that we wouldn’t have otherwise had.

My Lesson:  Pivots are nudges from God, IMHO.  Little course corrections.  Welcome them, take the lessons from the wrong road, and keep running.

The Ride…

…is just getting started.  We’re working hard to get funded by the end of the year.  We’re in serious talks with some amazing people about helping us get the dollars in the door that we need, so we can:

  • buy components at the best possible prices (so we can bring our 9mm to the market at rates that people would be silly to pass up)
  • start creating jobs for Patriotic Americans who want to help us run the company here in Florida, and remotely
  • buy a lot more equipment to produce/QC/package our 9mm on
  • invest in more QC machines, systems, validation programs

We’re busy as hell.  I’m busy as hell. I just don’t talk about it a lot because until I have something to show for it, I’m generally quiet.

Dis is me.

For now, if you want ammo, email me to discuss your 9mm needs.  They are not in stock, but we WILL make them for you!  Orders are 500qty intervals, in free ammo cans (cool!).  We can do 115gr FMJ, 124gr HP, 124gr FMJ, 147gr HP, and 147gr FMJ. 

We’ll have something huge to share soon.  It’s happening.  Bear with me.  I’m on it like stink on a monkey.

(Psst – want to be the first notified when ammo is back in stock and we’re doing big stuff?  Sign up for our emails at the bottom of this page.)

My Lesson:  Be transparent.  Your true people will never think less of you for it.  (Still learning this one, TBH)  

Discussing Politics, Extremism, Equilibrium, & Wellbeing

I hope you enjoy this episode.  I bet you’ll find lots of common ground between what you and I believe in, and you’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement at least once. Guaranteed, or your money back.  😉

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Pandemic Amnesty? I think not.

I saw this suggested on my Twitter today.  “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,” says the title of this article on The Atlantic.

How about no.  Absolutely not.  In fact, how about a nice, hearty, FUCK YOU.

I Remember.

Remember the massive destruction to children’s wellbeing and the suicide of kids, teens, and adults, all because of their selfish fearmongering?

Remember the supply chain being broken irreparably and prices surging out of control, putting millions of families (and pets) in dangerous positions of poverty, illness, and loss of home?

Remember when the White House was saying their “patience was wearing thin” with the unvaccinated, when there’s irrefutable proof that vaccines DO NOT WORK and actually harm people, and all the subsequent hatred (and sometimes dehumanization) of an entire group of people?

Remember all the small businesses that were destroyed permanently, rendering their owners and their families vulnerable, watching their lives’ work go down the drain, and often ending up in poverty?

Remember World leaders proudly proclaiming they wanted to create two classes of society to force people to get vaccines they don’t want?

I remember all of it.

And more. I remember watching my first company’s client list get smaller and smaller, while desperately not wanting to lay anyone off and taking the financial hit myself, all while watching my retirement disappear before my eyes.  I remember the surveillance vans driving around my community and the snitch line advertised everywhere while people were getting $5K citations for being on the beach without a mask.  I remember the trauma of one of my best friends telling me that unvaccinated people should be barred from airplanes.  I spent over a year dealing with PTSD.

Hell yes, I remember.

We all remember.

And for that reason, FUCK YOU, there will be no forgiveness.

But, should we forgive?

There’s validity to the argument where Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” – Luke 23:34:

But they did know.  They were told.  I told them.  You told them.  They wouldn’t listen.  The information was out there.  It was shoved under their noses and denied.  Doctors were silenced.  Economists were destroyed.  The brave few who spoke up were cancelled.

They knew.  This isn’t innocent ignorance.  To imply that it was any time past the first (generous ballpark) three months of this debacle is simply a lie.  The info was always THERE, just ahead of the “fact checkers” and cancel-mob.

You may know that I wrote the book, The Six Habits.  It’s a book about how to be happy, essentially. On page 60, I begin to talk quite a bit about forgiveness and how important it is to wellbeing.  And it is.  While I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of forgiveness for normal every-day transgressions, I flatly refuse to forgive and just give these every-day monsters a pass for what they did to me and others, because if I do… if WE DO… it will happen again.

Oh, and of course there’s something else shitty coming down the pike.  The Military Industrial Complex and WEF’s terrible agenda depend on it.

We cannot forgive, because we cannot allow it to be repeated. 


Forgiveness doesn’t work.  But guilt/shame does.

People died because of propaganda machine’s successful instilling of irrational fear across communities and leadership.  People died alone with no one to be with them because of their cruel and blind policies.  The economy is FUBAR and will be for years.  The supply chain is going to take a lifetime to get back on track.  A division in this country between “clean” vs. “unclean” was created that has now devolved into who will accept surveillance and who won’t.  Our election systems are rigged and are broken all under the guise of “safety.”  And let’s not forget Klaus Schwab’s insane claim that we’ll own nothing and be happy about it.

I will not forgive.  But I will shame.  Because shitty as it is, shame works.

When someone feels guilty, they want to apologize.  And oh yes, I’m due for an apology.  We all are.  My list could circle the globe twice. Single spaced.

VERY IMPORTANTLY, when someone feels ashamed, they are motivated to change.

We need both.

So no, Emily Oster, I will not give you or anyone else a “Pandemic Amnesty.” You don’t deserve it.  You and the hoards who hurt this world will have deserved it when you (and everyone else):

  1. Apologize publicly
  2. Reverse course just as publicly as you hurt others
  3. Participate in undoing the harm you caused
  4. Work HARD to educate others to make sure its never repeated.

Brené Brown is famous for her talk on shame and how it’s bad for us.  I agree to an extent.  When millions have died and suffered and we’ve got generational trauma that’s just been created because of it, I think shame is appropriate.

I will forgive only when the steps are taken to earn it.  Not a moment sooner.



Ending the “Best EDC” Argument

Ok let’s end the “best EDC” argument now.

There isn’t ONE best every day carry setup. There is, however, what is best for YOU.

And it’s not just about the firearm you carry.

I recently did a podcast where we discussed the 5 Pillars of Self Defense EDC. We covered five specific topical areas that are useful to have on-body at all times.

Are these the be-all-end-all areas?


Are there only 5, or does there even have to be 5?


It’s a philosophy we decided to adopt that works for us.

But, at a minimum, you need some tools to defend yourself out there in this dumpster fire called society.

No one is coming to save you; you must be the agent in charge of your own executive protection.

When it comes to tools, don’t compromise on quality, and find companies who align with your values and objectives. There are plenty out there for us.

And most importantly – TRAIN with your tools regularly.  Without training, your tools are useless.

So sound off in the comments – what’s your EDC philosophy? What do you carry? What products or companies do you recommend?

As for me, one setup (of many) is my GLOCK, Wasteland Tools Invisible Dagger, Olight M1X Stinger, RATS tourniquet, and either a multitool or paracord.

Here are some links to some of the EDC items we recommend –

When Will the Cost of Ammo Come Down?!?!

Ever wonder why ammo prices vary and when the cost of ammo will come down?

Let me break it down for you!

First, the virus gave birth to an era of lockdowns and supply chain disruptions which caused people not to be in plants doing their jobs, ports to be backed up with ships sitting and waiting for weeks at a time, truckers not allowed over borders due to punitive mandates, etc.

The impact of this is components

  • not being made
  • components not being shipped
  • raw materials becoming harder to get amidst lockdowns and shutdowns, and
  • demand to surge.

When demand surges, price surges. 

When supply is scarce for whatever reason, prices surge. 

Both happened.

Second, there is an aggressive effort by some powerful folks to kill the entire industry and disarm the public.  Biden has been abundantly clear about his goals.  What’s happening is a united effort woven through the three-letter agencies, through banking and finance, shipping, and more. 

Yep, it’s intentional, and it’s bad.

This stops a lot of commerce, movement, and trade. 

On purpose.

On top of that, I’ve heard more than one industry insider talk about how the industry has a limited shelf life by design.  Now, I’m not typically a pessimist and I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist.  I’m onboarding this common gripe with skepticism, but keeping it in the back of my mind as something that *could* be true.

So, ammo costs what it does because of all the reasons stated, plus one final one that has nothing to do with fuckery.

The bigger the company, the more buying power they have.  

If they can buy 1 billion of something, and I can buy 1 million, the prices for their components are better.  When our prices are the same, we’re making a razor-thin margin, where I would posit that the larger folks are making buckets of profit. They can even make their own components, whereas we currently do not. 

In a way, them making a huge profit gives us little guys any chance at all, because if their margins were as thin, I couldn’t even enter the market. 

Capitalism is weird.

All that said, ammo costs what it does for a lot of reasons, and these are the major ones you’re affected by.

Finally, will prices come down soon? 

Nope.  See above.

For that reason, we choose to make THE VERY BEST ammunition possible, and fully stand behind our product. We may not be able to control the prices, but we can control the quality, the service, and your experience with us.

If you want 9mm, we have 115gr FMJ, 124gr FMJ and HP, and 147gr FMJ and HP.  Check out our current available inventory at

And if you need some great ear protection for range day, this is our favorite pick – Our Favorite Hearing Protection for the Range

Grain Weights for Beginners

After spending a lot of time on the phone talking with new customers, I realized that there are a lot of people out there who are new to shooting! It’s a wonderful sport, and I am learning every day. 🙂

Let me share something useful for beginners!

Shown in this photo are two projectiles. On the left is a 124 grain hollow point. On the right is a 147 grain hollow point. Notice how the 147 is taller and therefore larger. These are our projectiles for our 9mm rounds, and also our top sellers!

Grains are a unit of mass measurement for extra small things. 1 pound is equal to 7000 grains. Grains were originally a measurement for the apothecary, and the term came from measurement of edible grains. Today, grains are still used in the apothecary, and also used in the ammunition field.

Why would someone want a 124 grain versus a 147 grain? I get this question on a full 50% of my sales calls!

The heavier the grain weight, the greater its penetration power and expansion power. Additionally, there is less likelihood for wind interference, and slower velocity which can bring the speed below the sound barrier, which creates a quieter shooting experience.

On the other hand, the lighter the grain weight, the greater its speed and accuracy. Additionally, there is greater ability for longer distance. Typically, lighter rounds are preferred for competitions because of the accuracy.

That said, the 147 grain hollow point shown here when loaded into our rounds produces a subsonic round.

What is subsonic? It is the term for anything that travels slower than the speed of sound. The speed of sound at sea level is approx. 1127 ft./s. The value of a subsonic cartridge is the noise reduction.

Supersonic ammunition, which is faster than the speed of sound will create a much larger bang, necessitating better ear protection. With every round fired that is supersonic, you are breaking the sound barrier, which is why there’s so much noise.

So is there a “right” grain weight?


It comes down to preference and use. This is why I like to personally assist people over the phone to make the best choice for their purchase. My first questions are: what will you be using it for and what kind of experience do you want?

So that’s the lesson! I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re experienced, you probably knew all of this already. If you’re new, maybe you learned a lot. Let me know in the comments!

P.S. – Need dummy training rounds?  Check out this link – Our Favorite Dummy Training Rounds