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Ending the “Best EDC” Argument


Ok let’s end the “best EDC” argument now.

There isn’t ONE best every day carry setup. There is, however, what is best for YOU.

And it’s not just about the firearm you carry.

I recently did a podcast where we discussed the 5 Pillars of Self Defense EDC. We covered five specific topical areas that are useful to have on-body at all times.

Are these the be-all-end-all areas?


Are there only 5, or does there even have to be 5?


It’s a philosophy we decided to adopt that works for us.

But, at a minimum, you need some tools to defend yourself out there in this dumpster fire called society.

No one is coming to save you; you must be the agent in charge of your own executive protection.

When it comes to tools, don’t compromise on quality, and find companies who align with your values and objectives. There are plenty out there for us.

And most importantly – TRAIN with your tools regularly.  Without training, your tools are useless.

So sound off in the comments – what’s your EDC philosophy? What do you carry? What products or companies do you recommend?

As for me, one setup (of many) is my GLOCK, Wasteland Tools Invisible Dagger, Olight M1X Stinger, RATS tourniquet, and either a multitool or paracord.

Here are some links to some of the EDC items we recommend –

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2 Responses

  1. 2 guns, 2 extra mags each, paracord, 2 knives, a tourniquet, tactical pen, tactical light (philosophy: 2 is 1, 1 is none)