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Pandemic Amnesty? I think not.


I saw this suggested on my Twitter today.  “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty,” says the title of this article on The Atlantic.

How about no.  Absolutely not.  In fact, how about a nice, hearty, FUCK YOU.

I Remember.

Remember the massive destruction to children’s wellbeing and the suicide of kids, teens, and adults, all because of their selfish fearmongering?

Remember the supply chain being broken irreparably and prices surging out of control, putting millions of families (and pets) in dangerous positions of poverty, illness, and loss of home?

Remember when the White House was saying their “patience was wearing thin” with the unvaccinated, when there’s irrefutable proof that vaccines DO NOT WORK and actually harm people, and all the subsequent hatred (and sometimes dehumanization) of an entire group of people?

Remember all the small businesses that were destroyed permanently, rendering their owners and their families vulnerable, watching their lives’ work go down the drain, and often ending up in poverty?

Remember World leaders proudly proclaiming they wanted to create two classes of society to force people to get vaccines they don’t want?

I remember all of it.

And more. I remember watching my first company’s client list get smaller and smaller, while desperately not wanting to lay anyone off and taking the financial hit myself, all while watching my retirement disappear before my eyes.  I remember the surveillance vans driving around my community and the snitch line advertised everywhere while people were getting $5K citations for being on the beach without a mask.  I remember the trauma of one of my best friends telling me that unvaccinated people should be barred from airplanes.  I spent over a year dealing with PTSD.

Hell yes, I remember.

We all remember.

And for that reason, FUCK YOU, there will be no forgiveness.

But, should we forgive?

There’s validity to the argument where Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” – Luke 23:34:

But they did know.  They were told.  I told them.  You told them.  They wouldn’t listen.  The information was out there.  It was shoved under their noses and denied.  Doctors were silenced.  Economists were destroyed.  The brave few who spoke up were cancelled.

They knew.  This isn’t innocent ignorance.  To imply that it was any time past the first (generous ballpark) three months of this debacle is simply a lie.  The info was always THERE, just ahead of the “fact checkers” and cancel-mob.

You may know that I wrote the book, The Six Habits.  It’s a book about how to be happy, essentially. On page 60, I begin to talk quite a bit about forgiveness and how important it is to wellbeing.  And it is.  While I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of forgiveness for normal every-day transgressions, I flatly refuse to forgive and just give these every-day monsters a pass for what they did to me and others, because if I do… if WE DO… it will happen again.

Oh, and of course there’s something else shitty coming down the pike.  The Military Industrial Complex and WEF’s terrible agenda depend on it.

We cannot forgive, because we cannot allow it to be repeated. 


Forgiveness doesn’t work.  But guilt/shame does.

People died because of propaganda machine’s successful instilling of irrational fear across communities and leadership.  People died alone with no one to be with them because of their cruel and blind policies.  The economy is FUBAR and will be for years.  The supply chain is going to take a lifetime to get back on track.  A division in this country between “clean” vs. “unclean” was created that has now devolved into who will accept surveillance and who won’t.  Our election systems are rigged and are broken all under the guise of “safety.”  And let’s not forget Klaus Schwab’s insane claim that we’ll own nothing and be happy about it.

I will not forgive.  But I will shame.  Because shitty as it is, shame works.

When someone feels guilty, they want to apologize.  And oh yes, I’m due for an apology.  We all are.  My list could circle the globe twice. Single spaced.

VERY IMPORTANTLY, when someone feels ashamed, they are motivated to change.

We need both.

So no, Emily Oster, I will not give you or anyone else a “Pandemic Amnesty.” You don’t deserve it.  You and the hoards who hurt this world will have deserved it when you (and everyone else):

  1. Apologize publicly
  2. Reverse course just as publicly as you hurt others
  3. Participate in undoing the harm you caused
  4. Work HARD to educate others to make sure its never repeated.

Brené Brown is famous for her talk on shame and how it’s bad for us.  I agree to an extent.  When millions have died and suffered and we’ve got generational trauma that’s just been created because of it, I think shame is appropriate.

I will forgive only when the steps are taken to earn it.  Not a moment sooner.



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8 Responses

  1. It’s not just the pandemic… their heads will explode when they all realize the Bull Shit they so gullibly believed. Retribution day is coming!

    1. Objectively, people are starting to wake up to the truth. It’s HARD. I have compassion for those who are recoiling in horror from themselves and their actions. I do. AND they need to make it right.

  2. The idea of Pandemic Amnesty is in itself an admittance of guilt. So, there are those that wish to be forgiven for making bad choices they believed were with good intent while ignoring the facts. And then blaming the masses for being the ignorant ones. That is a can of worms I don’t believe anyone wishes to open. Think about that. Amnesty for ALL past choices anyone has made in history. Now that’s a scary thought. You go Laura! But using common sense and logic will get you nowhere these days.

    1. Bill, you’re SO right. If common sense were so common, more people would have it.

  3. The same people who quite literally wished death upon their fellow man…the same people who physically assaulted and detained other human beings….these same people now want “amnesty?” In the immortal words of Abraham Ford from “the Walking Dead” TV series: “Suck my nuts”

  4. Well-said. Freedom is ont for sale. Tyranny will be met with resistance. God Bless America for being a beacon of freedom!