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Big Announcement!


Hello my dear friend,

I am really really excited to share a major announcement with you. If you missed the big announcement via email, head to the bottom of this page and sign up to be the FIRST to know next time!

Just this last week, after nine months of hard work to pivot our business strategy to one that would allow us to bring our products to market at a great volume, and at the best pricing than anything we’ve ever been able to do, we achieved our goal.

On Tuesday, Sovereign Ammo was fully funded by a group of incredible Patriotic investors!!! A special and heartfelt thank you to our new business partners who believed in us!  We’re hitting the ground running and we’re hard at work on big things!

Here’s FOUR THINGS you can expect in the next few months:

  1. ​​​​​​​We will be restocking 9 mm 124 grain FMJ ammo in our online shop within the next 30 days.  You’ll be able to buy ammo 500 rounds at a time, with each 500-round order coming with a free ammo can PLUS a free surprise from us.  Every order comes with a free ammo can, and there is no limit to how much you can purchase. You want 40,000 rounds?  No problem!(Would you like us to open up pre-orders? Reply in email and LMK!)
  2. ​​​​​​​We will be creating partnerships with nationally recognized names to bring Sovereign Ammo and YOU to the forefront in the national conversation.  We need create awareness around the mission of the company, which goes beyond ammo – it’s about FREEDOM and defending our constitutional rights which are under attack!  We’re not here to BS you and just sell stuff.  Nope – not good enough.  We’re here to make a positive difference in all things sovereignty.
  3. We will be launching new merch designs that reflect your values. If you have requests or something that you would really like to see, and would love to support Sovereign Ammo, please reply to this email, and tell me what you want!  For now, check out our favorite new shirt here:
  4. We will be launching a monthly subscription ammo box where you can get a box of pewpews AND goodies every month! We are working out details with partners to assemble what we hope will be a box that will get you excited and really stoked for opening your mail every month!

At the end of the day, Sovereign Ammo exists FOR YOU.  We are 100% dedicated to supplying America-loving Patriots with the best damn ammo out there, with a memorable experience you’ll look forward to every single time you need the pewpews, all while we fight hard for our constitutional freedoms!

I want to let you in on another little secret that’s been going on behind the scenes for me specifically. You most likely met me because of LinkedIn, and I think it’s a useful platform. But it does have its caveats. LinkedIn does not believe in free speech – specifically the speech around conservative subjects, news, and beliefs. I have been censored and silenced many times unfairly, and in late February, my account was permanently terminated. I had to hat-in-hand, ask for my account back and promise to behave. They said yes, but I was informed in no uncertain terms that one more infraction, and I’m gone for good.

That said, I had to make the painful choice to choose between engaging with you or speaking openly. I chose YOU, which renews my commitment to fight for your and my free speech. You’ve likely noticed that my content online doesn’t talk much about ammo lately. It’s on purpose, and really really pissing me off.

Am I taking it lying down?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  I’m working with Florida government offices to pursue justice and new laws being enacted. I will not back down. This isn’t about my account on LinkedIn. This is about YOUR ability and MY ability and EVERYONE’S ability to speak freely on EVERY platform!  New legal precedent MUST be set that allows ALL people to speak freely.

I’ve mentioned it many times on many of my posts online, but if you have not followed us on TruthSocial, please sign up and do that now.

Here’s the link:

We appreciate you.

© Sovereign Ammo, Inc.

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8 Responses

  1. Keep at it! You’re a great American Patriot and history will remember you as one freedoms defenders..

  2. Thank you for standing up for what is wholesome and right. the tides will turn again and we will again see the voice of reason be norm. For now we have to fight this craziness head on. You have a supporter and I just followed on Truth! Give ’em hell!!

  3. Laura, we are WMD Guns in Stuart FL and appreciate your struggle in this industry. We test fire all our firearms and have sponsored shooters. I would love to set something up with you to co-promote. Maybe do some range content?? Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Let’s talk about that! Could be FUN! Email me any time at laura(at)sovereignammo(dot)com