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ESG is Dead in Florida: Laura DiBenedetto shares stage with Ron DeSantis


To be invited to share a stage and talk about ESG with America’s Governor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is all part of the mission and dream of Sovereign Ammo.  Yes, we want to get ammo in your hands, but Sovereign Ammo is so much more than that.

When Amedeo and I co-founded this company in 2021 on the heels of the cruelest lockdown policies America has ever seen, we were angry with America’s leadership, angry about the rise of totalitarianism, and wanted to do something about it.  We didn’t know it at the time, but the hell we would go through in 2021 and 2022 trying to get Sovereign Ammo on its feet would give me plenty to talk about. As it turns out, ESG was responsible.

ESG is Dead in Florida

While on stage with DeSantis, he signed an anti-ESG law that strikes down the very things that gave us so many troubles.  While the law signed is limited to the Free State of Florida, we have hope in the idea of the Florida Blueprint, an idea he’s touted as he’s toured the country in what appears to be a presidential campaign, leaving many (like me) to hope that he runs (and wins!).

How Has Sovereign Ammo been negatively impacted by ESG?

When we tried to set up our bank account, we were made to wait over an hour while the branch manager had to get permission to open an account for us.

When we signed up for accounting software and merchant services within it, we were told that we could “get away with” having an account as long as we could until we were kicked off eventually when someone in their compliance department would “catch us.”

Later on, when we went to sign up for credit card processing, we were denied by many providers because our profession didn’t pass muster for an “acceptable” business.

Then when we were seeking funding, we could not go to a typical bank and pursue traditional lending because of ESG rules. I had to pursue private funding which added months to the process. Sovereign Ammo almost didn’t make it.

When we were finally funded by our investors, the money cleared and we got to work.  A few days later, without warning, our funds were frozen and we couldn’t do business for 5 days. They said that they were suspicious, despite the fact that I’d been a customer for 25 years.  After 5 hours on the phone, they finally stated that they wanted funding verification, immediately received it, and still withheld our funds.

When I OF COURSE left that bank and opened an account with another bank, I had to wait three days before I could open it while they checked with their ESG department to see if they could accept our business, just like we’d experienced before.  Unbelievable.

The ESG Social Media Nightmare

And finally… the ongoing problems.  Our marketing efforts have been hampered by these ESG policies, because Sovereign Ammo is blatantly censored, which YES, it does affect our bottom line.  I have had my social media content censored so many times with some pretty eye-rolling reasons.  I’ve had factual content removed for being misinformation (code: not popular with the left).  I have had my accounts suspended multiple times, a few terminated before we even got started, and most recently I had my most successful account terminated and I had to beg for it back, under the promise that I would behave myself.

Talking about my business in any overt way is not allowed, I can’t post links to my products, and I can’t post a photo.  How is this fair?

These are the ways that Sovereign Ammo has suffered. And I can’t even begin to tell you the level of stress and aggravation this has caused ME and my husband. It has directly affected my health, our financial well-being, and our ability to thrive as a business.

How it’s Hurting YOU

Perhaps the most egregious sin of all has got to be what all this does to individuals like YOU.  As a small business owner, I take immense joy in speaking to our customers and getting to know you.  Why?  WE LOVE YOU.

I know you see me getting censored and you’re mad.  Not because I’m so great, but because you see what happens if you dare “step out of line.” I’ve been told by many of you that you feel like we’re already under totalitarian rule.

How You Can Help

Vote with your dollars:  You can help Sovereign Ammo by supporting our business when you need ammunition and you’re in the market for some cool merch.  This helps us to stay in business (and grow!), create jobs for freedom-loving Patriots like yourself, and to help create other opportunities for me (Laura) to be an activist on your behalf. If our company performs well, I can actively engage in policy-making, collaborate with our representatives (such as DeSantis!), and endorse pro-2A organizations such as the NRA and GOA. Sovereign Ammo strives to take action rather than just discussing it.  We’re here to ACT.

Contact your elected representatives: Writing or calling your elected representatives to express your opinion can be an effective way to make your voice heard on issues that matter to you. You can find contact information for your state legislators on your state’s government website.

Join a political advocacy group: There are many advocacy groups that work to promote specific policy issues. Joining a group that supports your position on ESG issues can provide opportunities to meet with lawmakers, attend rallies, and participate in other forms of political activism.

Vote in elections: The most powerful way to influence policy is to vote for candidates who share your values and priorities. Be sure to register to vote and participate in local, state, and national elections.

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