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124gr 9mm: Why is it one of the best personal defense rounds?


The 124gr 9mm round is considered one of the best rounds for personal defense for a few reasons. First, it strikes a good balance between weight and velocity, which can make it effective in a variety of scenarios.


The 124 grain weight allows the bullet to have enough mass to penetrate deeply into the target, while still maintaining a good velocity that allows it to expand and transfer energy effectively. This makes it effective for stopping a threat quickly and effectively, without over-penetrating and potentially causing harm to innocent bystanders.


Additionally, the 124gr 9mm round is popular for personal defense because it offers good stopping power without excessive recoil. This allows the shooter to make more accurate follow-up shots if necessary, and can be especially important in high-pressure situations.

124gr 9mm Availability

Another benefit of the 124gr 9mm round is that it is widely available and relatively affordable compared to some other options on the market. This means that it is easy for gun owners to find and stock up on, which can be important for those who carry for personal defense.

Proven Reliability

Finally, the 124 grain weight is a popular choice among law enforcement agencies and military units, which speaks to its effectiveness in real-world scenarios. When trained professionals rely on a specific round for their own personal defense, it can give civilians confidence that it will perform well in a self-defense situation.

Overall, the 124 grain 9mm round is considered one of the best rounds for personal defense due to its balance of weight, velocity, and affordability, as well as its proven track record in real-world scenarios.

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  1. I completely agree with your assessment. I would also go farther and say that you should use 124gr ammo at the range, as well as for carry. Over the years, I have noticed that the pistol “moves” differently with different weights and pressure of loads.
    When training to place multiple shots in the same target having a “memory” of how the weapon will “move” with 124gr. helps you re-aquire that front site post just a little faster.