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Shipping Ammo to California: A Game-Changer for Gun Owners


In a monumental victory for Second Amendment rights, a federal judge in San Diego has permanently blocked California from enforcing a law that previously required background checks for every ammunition purchase. This landmark decision is bringing significant changes to the way Californians access firearms supplies.  Shipping ammo to California was a burden – but no more.

Understanding the Legal Battle: Prop 63 and Its Evolution

The legal battle began with California’s Proposition 63, which aimed to impose strict regulations on ammunition purchases. Initially, it required gun owners to pay $50 and undergo a criminal background check to obtain a 4-year permit for buying ammo. However, the proposition faced alterations before taking effect, ultimately mandating background checks for every single ammunition purchase and restricting out-of-state ammo purchases.

Judge’s Ruling: A Constitutional Approach to Ammo Access

U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez, a George W. Bush appointee, issued a permanent injunction that found the ammunition background check laws in violation of the Second Amendment. He commended the simplicity and reasonableness of the initial approach proposed by voters in Proposition 63. This ruling eliminates the need for repetitive background checks, making it easier and more affordable for Californians to acquire ammunition.

Relieving Burdens: Cost Reduction and Access Simplified

Judge Benitez’s decision has lifted a significant burden from law-abiding gun owners in California. Prior to this ruling, ammunition purchases were marred by extensive background checks, leading to increased costs and complexities. With the removal of these restrictions, residents can now enjoy a more straightforward process for obtaining ammunition.  Shipping ammo to California hasn’t been this easy since 2018.

National Impact: A Precedent for Second Amendment Advocates

shipping ammo to California
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This historic ruling has broader ramifications beyond California’s borders. It sets a precedent for the protection of constitutional rights among responsible gun owners nationwide. As the legal landscape evolves, this decision underscores the importance of defending the rights of all Americans and ensuring their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Background Check Challenges: Statistics Highlight Issues

Statistics reveal the challenges posed by the ammunition background check system. In the first six months of 2022, more than 538,000 background checks were processed, with over 58,000 rejections. Many of these rejections were due to address or name mismatches or the lack of an AFS record. Between July 2019 and Jan 31, 2020, 770 individuals were prevented from buying ammunition by the background check system. Out of this group, 16 were incorrectly identified, leading to arrests and convictions.

Historical Analogues: Examining the State’s Arguments

The state attorney general presented historical gun control laws to justify the background check system, but Judge Benitez was critical of this approach. He noted that these historical laws included discriminatory practices and questioned their relevance. He emphasized that states could have addressed concerns differently, highlighting the need to respect Second Amendment rights.

Gun Rights Advocates: Applause and Criticism

Chuck Michel, the plaintiffs’ attorney and the president of the California Rifle & Pistol Association, applauded Judge Benitez’s ruling, stating that California’s gun control laws have made it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

State Response: Attorney General’s Reaction

California’s current Attorney General, Rob Bonta, expressed his disagreement with the ruling and vowed to seek an immediate stay. He emphasized the importance of background checks in saving lives and maintaining constitutional ammunition laws.

What This Means for You in CA

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