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the channel balance on a hi-fi unit signifying political balance / bias confirmation bias media industrial complex
Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Armed With Knowledge: Navigating the Information Landscape

The importance of arming oneself with knowledge has never been more important. The information landscape often feels like a labyrinth of conflicting data points, opinions, and, unfortunately, misinformation. Given the

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Scenario Training: A Positive Approach to a Challenging World

Scenario training is not only a way to train for self-protection. It’s developing into a movement built around community, shared learning, and unity in readiness.   Instead of being like

Ammunition Stockpiling
Inside Laura's Head

Ammunition Stockpiling for Every Day Life

In a world fraught with challenges and an unsettling cultural decline, many individuals turn to ammunition stockpiling as a means of fortifying their sense of security. Much like storing ammunition,

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Investing in Ammunition: Savvy or Stupid?

Are you looking for an alternative investment strategy that is both practical and lucrative? Then look no further than ammunition! Believe it or not, investing in ammunition can be an


Ending the “Best EDC” Argument

Ok let’s end the “best EDC” argument now. There isn’t ONE best every day carry setup. There is, however, what is best for YOU. And it’s not just about the

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