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difference between bullets and ammunition
The Ammo Industry

What is the difference between bullets and ammunition?

In the realm of firearms and firearms terminology, the terms “bullets” and “ammunition” are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion among those new to the subject. However, it’s essential to

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Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Armed With Knowledge: Navigating the Information Landscape

The importance of arming oneself with knowledge has never been more important. The information landscape often feels like a labyrinth of conflicting data points, opinions, and, unfortunately, misinformation. Given the

Top view, flat lay of handguns bullets and yellow noise canceling headphones on paper shooting practice target. After shooter practice shooting at theshooting range. Sport shooting concept.
Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Understanding Ammo Choices: Practice vs Defense Ammunition

In this two-part overview, we’ll explore the differences between types of ammunition, focusing on practice ammunition vs defense ammunition, as well as the differences between Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) and

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Scenario Training: A Positive Approach to a Challenging World

Scenario training is not only a way to train for self-protection. It’s developing into a movement built around community, shared learning, and unity in readiness.   Instead of being like

Attractive soldier woman practice shooting with two gun and gun point aim to attacker. Abstract close-up pistol wide angle pointing front view. Nature outdoor gun ownership
The Ammo Industry

Gun Ownership Surges Amongst Surprising Demographics 

In a society where cultural norms and stereotypes shape our perceptions, a trend is emerging. The once-unthinkable scenario of non-traditional groups embracing firearm ownership is now a reality. This gives

The Ammo Industry

Top 10 Ammunition Trends Shaping the Firearms Industry

The firearms industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape, and one that we, as proud Americans, follow closely. Just as our forefathers needed to adapt and innovate for our great nation

The Ammo Industry

Is the Ammunition Shortage Due to War in Ukraine?

The recent ammunition shortage has been a hot topic among firearm enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. As proud Americans who value our Second Amendment rights, it’s crucial that we stay

Defending the 2A community
The Ammo Industry

How Sovereign Ammo is Defending the 2A Community

As proud Americans, we value our Second Amendment rights deeply. The right to bear arms is a fundamental part of our nation’s history, heritage, and future. At Sovereign Ammo, we

The Ammo Industry

What is the difference between 9mm and 9mm Luger ammo?

Is your interest piqued by the world of firearms and ammunition? Are you finding it hard to differentiate between “9mm” and “9mm Luger” ammunition? Let’s clear up this confusion together!

Hand holding bullet.
The Ammo Industry

Which Guns Use 9mm Ammo?

Before purchasing a firearm, it is important to know what ammunition it uses. There are many different types of ammunition available, but one of the most popular calibers is 9mm.

The Ammo Industry

FAET: What is it? (Federal Ammunition Excise Tax)

Beyond being responsible for about 10% of the price of your cartridges, the Federal Ammunition Excise Tax, or FAET, is a tax that is imposed on the sale of firearms

The Ammo Industry

Price of Ammo: What determines it?

As a gun owner, you know that the cost of ammo can vary widely depending on a number of different factors. In this blog, I’ll explain some of the things

The Ammo Industry

2020-2021 Ammo Shortage: Why Did it Happen?

The 2020-2021 Ammo Shortage was a pain in the butt. It’s no secret that there was a serious ammo shortage in 2020 and 2021. It’s well-documented.  It left a lot

Can ammo go bad?
The Ammo Industry

Ammo go bad? Maybe.

Ammo is an essential part of any gun owner’s kit, and it is critical to ensure that the ammo is safe to use. One question that many gun owners ask

The Ammo Industry

Lessons in Starting an Ammo Company

Since I started this company with Amedeo, I’ve had so many valuable experiences that are leading us where we need to go.  They all came with lessons that are propelling

The Ammo Industry

When Will the Cost of Ammo Come Down?!?!

Ever wonder why ammo prices vary and when the cost of ammo will come down? Let me break it down for you! First, the virus gave birth to an era

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