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Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Scenario Training: A Positive Approach to a Challenging World

Scenario training is not only a way to train for self-protection. It’s developing into a movement built around community, shared learning, and unity in readiness.   Instead of being like

Attractive soldier woman practice shooting with two gun and gun point aim to attacker. Abstract close-up pistol wide angle pointing front view. Nature outdoor gun ownership
The Ammo Industry

Gun Ownership Surges Amongst Surprising Demographics 

In a society where cultural norms and stereotypes shape our perceptions, a trend is emerging. The once-unthinkable scenario of non-traditional groups embracing firearm ownership is now a reality. This gives

The Ammo Industry

Top 10 Ammunition Trends Shaping the Firearms Industry

The firearms industry is a dynamic, ever-evolving landscape, and one that we, as proud Americans, follow closely. Just as our forefathers needed to adapt and innovate for our great nation

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