Ammunition Stockpiling for Every Day Life

In a world fraught with challenges and an unsettling cultural decline, many individuals turn to ammunition stockpiling as a means of fortifying their sense of security. Much like storing ammunition, the act of accumulating this critical resource can offer a profound sense of preparedness. However, it’s important to recognize the distinction between responsible ammunition stockpiling and the relentless hoarding of perishable supplies, as finding this balance is essential.

Preparedness: Ammunition as a Vital Resource

Amidst life’s unpredictability, being prepared can provide a soothing sense of control. Ammunition stockpiling, akin to storing essential supplies, can indeed offer peace of mind. It’s a tangible form of security that, when managed judiciously, can alleviate anxieties and instill confidence in one’s readiness.

Ammunition, unlike many perishable supplies, has a long shelf life, making it a dependable resource to accumulate. While it’s prudent to stockpile enough ammunition to meet potential needs, endlessly hoarding perishable items, such as food and water, can lead to wastefulness and create unnecessary burdens.

Ammunition: The Endless Stockpile

The difference between stockpiling ammunition and hoarding perishable supplies lies in their longevity and usability. Ammunition, if stored properly, can remain viable for extended periods. This characteristic allows individuals to accumulate ammunition without concerns about expiration, waste, or the need for constant rotation.

Stockpiling ammunition isn’t a pursuit driven by endless anxiety; rather, it’s a practice rooted in self-reliance and responsible readiness. Once you’ve amassed and can maintain a generous supply of ammunition and honed your skills through consistent practice, the focus can shift toward embracing a fulfilling life.

When you ask yourself “how much is enough,” consider what you use it for, its usefulness as an asset, and how skilled you’d like to be should an emergency situation arise.  Keep this amount as your “par” and make sure you always have more than that so you can regularly practice to keep your skills sharp.

Embracing the Fullness of Life

Ammunition StockpilingEndlessly hoarding perishable supplies, on the other hand, can lead to several issues. Perishable items have a finite shelf life, and an obsession with hoarding them can result in waste as these supplies deteriorate over time. Moreover, excessive hoarding can create a cluttered living environment and disrupt the balance of daily life.

Preparedness should enhance life, not overshadow it. It’s vital to prepare, practice, and then let things be what they are. Unchecked anxiety-driven hoarding may rob individuals of the joys of hobbies, the warmth of time spent with loved ones, and the pursuit of passions.

The Balance of Preparedness

Balancing preparedness with living life to the fullest is an art. While ammunition stockpiling provides security, it’s crucial not to lose sight of the present. Preparing for uncertainties is prudent, but obsessively hoarding supplies can hinder your ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Ammunition’s enduring usability makes it a valuable asset in your preparedness toolkit. Unlike perishable supplies, it doesn’t require constant rotation or concern about expiration dates. It remains ready for use when needed, instilling confidence in your readiness.

Conclusion: Finding Balance in Preparedness

In conclusion, ammunition stockpiling offers a unique advantage over hoarding perishable supplies. The longevity and usability of ammunition make it a dependable resource for preparedness. While it’s prudent to accumulate ammunition, it’s equally important to strike a balance in life. Preparedness should complement life, allowing individuals to embrace it fully without being consumed by endless worries.

So, prepare and stockpile ammunition wisely, practice diligently to enhance your skills, and then venture forth to savor life’s moments. Finding this equilibrium ensures you’re ready for the unexpected while enjoying a life unburdened by the relentless pursuit of perishable supplies. Balance is the key to a secure and fulfilling existence, where preparedness enhances life without overshadowing it.

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Investing in Ammunition: Savvy or Stupid?

Are you looking for an alternative investment strategy that is both practical and lucrative? Then look no further than ammunition! Believe it or not, investing in ammunition can be an excellent long-term investment strategy.

Holding Value

One of the primary reasons that ammunition is a great investment strategy is that it holds its value well over time. Unlike other commodities that can fluctuate in price, ammunition tends to hold its value steady. This is because the demand for ammunition is always high, particularly among gun enthusiasts and hunters. As long as there is a demand for ammunition, the value of it will remain strong.

Tangible Assets

Another reason to invest in ammunition is that it is a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand. Unlike stocks, bonds, or other intangible investments, ammunition is a physical item that you can store and transport easily. This means that you have more control over your investment, and you can choose to sell or hold onto your ammunition as you see fit.

Hedging Against Inflation

Additionally, ammunition is a great hedge against inflation. As the value of currency decreases over time, the value of tangible assets like ammunition tends to increase. This means that by investing in ammunition, you can protect yourself against the effects of inflation and ensure that your investment maintains its value over time.

The risks

Of course, investing in ammunition does come with some risks. One of the biggest risks is that there may be fluctuations in supply and demand. However, if you choose to invest in popular calibers, such as 9mm or .223, the likelihood of a sudden drop in demand is relatively low.

Another potential risk is that ammunition prices may fluctuate based on changes in government regulations or taxes. However, as long as you stay informed about changes in regulations and tax laws, you can adjust your investment strategy accordingly.

Consider the obvious

The obvious benefit of investments made in ammo is the utility of the product itself.  If the economy collapses (as it may under the current administration), with inflation out of control, and resistance to CBDC takeovers, this will be useful in the event a bartering economy re-emerges, or if there is a rise in government tyranny, which the second amendment was designed to enshrine our rights to protect citizens against.

Investing in Ammunition: Be Strategic

When it comes to investing in ammunition, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to store your ammunition correctly, as this will help to ensure that it maintains its value over time. Secondly, consider investing in popular calibers that are in high demand. Finally, keep an eye on the market and stay informed about changes in regulations or taxes that may affect the price of ammunition.

The bottom line is this: investing in ammunition can be a great long-term investment strategy. With its steady value, tangible nature, and inflation-hedging properties, ammunition is an investment that can provide both security and profitability. So if you are looking for a unique and practical investment opportunity, consider investing in ammunition.

Ending the “Best EDC” Argument

Ok let’s end the “best EDC” argument now.

There isn’t ONE best every day carry setup. There is, however, what is best for YOU.

And it’s not just about the firearm you carry.

I recently did a podcast where we discussed the 5 Pillars of Self Defense EDC. We covered five specific topical areas that are useful to have on-body at all times.

Are these the be-all-end-all areas?


Are there only 5, or does there even have to be 5?


It’s a philosophy we decided to adopt that works for us.

But, at a minimum, you need some tools to defend yourself out there in this dumpster fire called society.

No one is coming to save you; you must be the agent in charge of your own executive protection.

When it comes to tools, don’t compromise on quality, and find companies who align with your values and objectives. There are plenty out there for us.

And most importantly – TRAIN with your tools regularly.  Without training, your tools are useless.

So sound off in the comments – what’s your EDC philosophy? What do you carry? What products or companies do you recommend?

As for me, one setup (of many) is my GLOCK, Wasteland Tools Invisible Dagger, Olight M1X Stinger, RATS tourniquet, and either a multitool or paracord.

Here are some links to some of the EDC items we recommend –